January 2023

Roof Replacement

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Have You Replaced Your Roof Recently? If you have had your roof replaced recently be sure to let your agent know.  You would think since the insurance company paid to have your roof replaced they would update your homeowners policy to reflect the new roof age, but they don't.  Call your agent or company to [...]

October 2022

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

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What is equipment breakdown coverage? Equipment breakdown coverage is a homeowners insurance endorsement that helps pay for appliance damage caused by an electrical or mechanical failure. A standard home insurance policy covers home appliances when they're damaged by a covered peril, but it won't cover mechanical or electrical breakdown — or anything else that's considered a maintenance issue. What [...]

Service Line Coverage

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Service Line Coverage Utility and service lines that run underneath your property typically aren’t covered by standard homeowners insurance.  If you have a Nationwide or Safeco homeowners policy with American Midwest Agency, Inc. you can add service line coverage to your policy for an additional fee to get this type of protection. What is service [...]

March 2020


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Nationwide’s SmartRide program rewards safe driving Driving safely is no easy feat. If you’re a driver committed to staying alert, avoiding distractions, and following the rules of the road, we’re going to reward you for it. SmartRide, a usage-based insurance program, gives you personalized feedback to help you make even safer driving decisions. You’ll earn [...]

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