Saving Money On Your Insurance

//Saving Money On Your Insurance

Saving Money On Your Insurance

A Few Things You Can Do To Save Money On Your Insurance:

  • Bundle your policies. By insuring your automobiles, home, life… with the same company, you will save money. Our customers that insure both their home and auto with Allied receive a whole host of extras, including a $10,000 accidental death benefit, a single deductible if both your home and autos are affected by the same event, emergency lockout coverage and air bag replacement for one that deploys accidentally.

  • Progressive auto insurance customers can save up to 30% by participating in their Snapshot program. You plug a small monitoring device into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. It’s not a tracking device, it monitors hard breaking, time of use and mileage. You can monitor your progress online. At the end of 6 months you return the device to Progressive and retain the discount.

  • Raising the comprehensive and collision deductibles on your auto insurance policy will save you money. The higher your deductibles, the lower your premium.

  • Raise your homeowners insurance deductible to at least $1,000. The higher your deductible , the lower the cost.

  • Adding a central alarm system will reduce your homeowners premium.

  • If you have students in your household with a ‘B’ grade average or better, make sure you are receiving a Good Student Discount. Also, students going to school over 100 miles away without a vehicle receive a discounted rate.

  • If you are 55 or older you can save 10% on your auto insurance by taking a state approved defensive driving course. This course can be taken at a local classroom or online at websites like

  • Do you have roadside assistance and/or rental reimbursement coverage? If you have no need of these coverages, request them to be removed to lower your premium. If you do want these coverages, it’s a good idea to check your policy or ask your agent if you have them.

  • Consider removing comprehensive and collision coverage from older vehicles.

  • If you are 65 and retired, ask to have the PIP work loss benefits excluded from your auto insurance policy. For drivers 60-64 years old to be eligible for PIP Work Loss Exclusion you must be retired and receiving a pension.

  • Consider purchasing a Nationwide Term Life Insurance Policy through our agency. Nationwide life is rated A+ by A.M. Best and has very competitive rates. If your auto insurance is also with Allied/Nationwide you will receive a 5% discount off your auto insurance premiums. Get a quick life quote today.

  • Check your credit. If you have negative items on your credit report, this can adversely affect your insurance premiums.

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